All Ironbark drum wraps are made from high quality PVC and are 0.5 mm thick offering a very durable and long lasting option for any custom drum builder or the first time re wrap. We use a CNC laser cutting machine so all custom cuts are perfect. All our wraps have a 2" (50 mm) seam overlap that includes a optional high bond double sided adhesive tape for easy installation that doesn't adhere to the plywood and can be removed without any tooling or damage to the drum.

Curly Maple
maple drum wrap
Apple Sparkle
apple sparkle drum wrap
Purple Sparkle
purple sparkle drum wrap
Red Sparkle
red sparkle drum wrap
Walnut Grain
walnut drum wrap
Wine Sparkle
wine sparkle drum wrap
Silver Sparkle
silver sparkle drum wrap
Black Sparkle
black sparkle drum wrap
Grape Sparkle
grape sparkle drum wrap
Piano Black
yellow drum wrap
black drum wrap
Snow White
white drum wrap
Blue Sparkle
blue sparkle drum wrap
Blue Grain
blue grain drum wrap
Lime Sparkle
lime sparkle drum wrap
Black Wood
black wood drum wrap